Interior Designing

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Interior Design
And Architectural Beauty.

We have a team of Designers in our design studio who are qualified professional with experience. Their technical skill and experience make them the master of this art. When the requirement and idea of our client combines with the skills of our team a new progeny is born. That is why every product coming out of our studio keeps its identity. Another important aspect is the harmony we keep with tradition. Concord of modern design with antique makes variety which results in aesthetic design and outlook.

At Sun we believe sustainable design is about being a good citizen locally and globally. Integrating the environmental, economic and health benefits of sustainability practice in to our projects requires a multi-disciplinary team approach. Sun invests substantially in research and leads cross-disciplinary in initiative on understanding and reducing energy use, the lifecycle impact of the products, their packaging and transport to site, as well as end-of-life reusability. We support each opportunity to help our clients reach achievable environmental, social, aesthetic and economic solutions posed by the challengers of their specific project.

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Aspects of design consideration

Our aspects of design deliver
the desired project to you.

Design Consideration

  • 01 : Tradition
  • 02 : Personal attitudes and convenience
  • 03 : Elegant
  • 04 : Modern designs
  • 05 : Colour concepts